Chapter 4. iSeries mail services 95
4.4 Lotus Domino on iSeries
Lotus Domino Server is more than just a mail server. It provides a multiplatform foundation for
collaboration and e-business, driving solutions from corporate messaging to Web based
transactions - and everything in between.
Latest releases of Domino focuses on aligning with Internet standards, and allowing users to
be completely interoperable with the rest of the world. Lotus Domino 5 contains support for
native MIME content and native SMTP routing, and integrates features that previously
required a separate message transfer agent (MTA). The native support means that
conversions between Notes format and Internet format are no longer required.
To allow messages to be more than plain text, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
(MIME) standard extends the format of messages to allow for audio, video, international
character sets, and multi-part messages.
All Domino servers now have native SMTP capabilities, so all servers can transfer mail
directly to and from the Internet. Domino also supports Extended SMTP (ESMTP) for delivery
notifications for Internet messages. In addition, starting with Domino 5, you can secure SMTP
connections TCP/IP or a TCP/IP port secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
The latest version of Lotus Domino is Version 6.
For information about how to install and configure Lotus Domino on iSeries server, refer to
IBM Lotus Domino for iSeries Implementation, SG24-6592.
96 V5 TCP/IP Applications on the IBM Eserver iSeries Server

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