The intellectual foundations for this Handbook have been laid over the past 20 years while working with bank and insurance professionals in finance and risk. While too numerous to acknowledge individually, some warrant special mention.

Colleagues at Work

At Allianz, a special note of thanks to Michael Diekmann, Oliver Baete and Dr Helmut Perlet for bringing me on board and supporting me in building a world-class risk function. I would also especially like to thank Dieter Wemmer for reinforcing active capital management within the Group. In addition, thanks to Max Zimmerer for discussions on asset/liability management; to Clem Booth for discussions on underwriting; and to Manuel Bauer, Helga Jung, Christoph Mascher, Jay Ralph, Axel Theis and Werner Zedelius for valuable business discussions.

For challenging my thinking, special thanks to Peter Etzenbach, Kamesh Goyal, Burkhard Keese, Thomas Naumann, Walter Reinl, Giulio Terzariol and Renate Wagner in Finance and Strategic Planning; Dirk Diederich and Stephan Theissing in Treasury and Capital Management; Oliver Schmidt in Investor Relations; Michele Gaffo, Andreas Gruber, Günther Thallinger and Axel Zehren in Investment Management. Also, to my Global Risk team at Allianz, especially Larisa Angstenberger, Blaise Bourgeois, Violeta Bondoc, Michael Buttstedt, Jean-Marc Cornet, Wolfgang Deichl, Doug Franklin, Marco Hauck, Andreas Graser, Erick Holt, Pierre Joos, Kathrin Meier, Sebastian Pichler, Sigurd Volk, Terry ...

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