52 Value Realization from Efficient Software Deployment
and tracking what is delivered. If it is not feasible to initiate this process within
your company, consider contacting your IBM client team to explore the option of
using an IBM Business Partner for assistance. As one executive, a client, said,
“The recommendation that one owner be defined for the successful deployment
of software has been extremely beneficial.” (GMR Corporation, VP of Technical
Services, an IBM Business Partner).
3.2.2 Defining a governance structure for the deployment process
The executive business sponsor and the software deployment team executives
must establish a Center of Excellence to put rigor around deployment projects.
This type of organization can facilitate each deployment at multiple phases in the
deployment life cycle. While kicking off a deployment, a Center of Excellence
provides an internal organization and a group of professionals who can increase
the buy-in and willingness of other organizations to use the purchased software
and hardware. This can be done with presentations, demonstrations, and Proofs
of Concept (PoC) (see Appendix 4.4.2, “Client lab advocacy program” on
page 94) during the deployment of software and hardware.
Many individuals from your organization, and those from IBM and our Business
Partners, must work together on the Center of Excellence team to ensure
successful software deployment. Typically, a Center of Excellence team includes
the roles in the following list, which are defined in “Software deployment roles in a
business partnership” on page 22:
򐂰 The client team:
Business Sponsor
Project Sponsors
Project managers
Enterprise IT Architect
Procurement Officer
򐂰 The IBM software client team:
Client Executives
Software Client Leaders
Specialist Software Sales Representative
IBM Software Client Architects
Client Technical Professionals from various IBM software and hardware
Services representatives, for example, from IBM Global Services, the
Server Technology Group, Global Technology Services, and IBM Software

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