12SF5Triode06812.60.15250– 000
12SG7HF Pentode06912.60.15250150– meg.
12SJ7HF Pentode07012.60.15250100– meg.
12SK7HF Pentode07012.60.15250100– meg.
12SQ7DD Triode07112.60.15250– 000
12SR7DD Triode07112.60.15250–
12Z3Rectifier4UX1012.60.3RMS 25060 mA
14A5Beam Power OutputOL1612.60.15250250–12.530.03.550 000
14A7/12B7HF PentodeOL1212.60.15250100– 000
14B8PentagridOL1312.60.15250100–*550360 000
14C7HF PentodeOL1212.60.15250100– meg.
14 F7Double TriodeOL1812.60.15250– 000
15HF Pentode5UX82.00.2213567.5–1.51.850.380 0000600

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