CStr Function

Named Arguments




Use: Required

Data Type: Any

Any numeric, date, string, or Boolean expression

Return Value

expression converted to a string.


Returns a string representation of expression.

Rules at a Glance

If expression is Boolean, the function returns one of the strings "True" or "False". For an expression that can be interpreted as a date, the return value is a string representation of that date, in the short date format of the host computer. For a numeric expression, the return is a string representing the number.


Dim sMyString as String
sMyString = CStr(100)

Programming Tips and Gotchas

  • The string representation of Boolean values is either "True" or "False", as opposed to their underlying values of 0 and -1.

  • Uninitialized numeric data types passed to CStr return “0.”

  • An uninitialized date variable passed to CStr returns “12:00:00AM.”

  • Like most of the conversion functions, CStr is not actually a function in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace. Instead, it is similar to a Visual C++ macro; the compiler translates the function call into inline code.

See Also

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