Folders Collection Object (VB6)


The Folders collection object is a container for Folder objects. Normally, you expect to access a single object from the collection of that object; for example, you'd expect to access a Folder object from the Folders collection object. However, things are the other way round here: you access the Folders collection object from an instance of a Folder object. This is because the first Folder object you instantiate from the Drive object is a Root Folder object, and from it you instantiate a subfolders collection. You can then instantiate other Folder and subfolder objects to navigate through the drive's filesystem.

The Folders collection object is one of the objects in the File System object model; see the File System object model entry for an overview of the model, including the library reference needed to access it.



Returned by

Folder.SubFolders property



Data Type: Folder object

Retrieves a particular Folder object from the Folders collection object. You can access an individual folder object by providing the exact name of the folder without its path. However, you can't access the item using its ordinal number. For example, the following statement returns the Folder object that represents the roottwo folder:

Set ofsSubFolder = ofsSubFolders.Item("roottwo")


Data Type: Long

The number of Folder objects contained in the Folders collection.



See Also

Folders.Add Method, Folder Object

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