String Manipulation



Asc, AscW functions

Return the character code of the first character of a string

Chr, ChrW functions

Return a string containing a character based on its numeric code

Filter function

Returns an array of strings matching (or not matching) a specified value

Format function

Returns a string formatted to a given specification

FormatCurrency function

Returns a string formatted using the currency settings for the current locale

FormatDateTime function

Returns a string formatted using the date/time setting for the current locale

FormatNumber function

Returns a numeric value in a specified format

FormatPercent function

Returns a numeric value formatted using the “%” symbol

GetChar function

Returns a Char containing the character at a particular position in a string

InStr function

Finds the starting position of a substring within a string

InStrRev function

Returns the first occurrence of a string within another string by searching from the end of the string

Join function

Concatenates an array of values into a delimited string

LCase function

Converts a character or string to lowercase

Left function

Returns a string containing the leftmost n characters of a string

Len function

Counts the number of characters in a string

Like operator

Compares two strings

Mid function

Extracts a substring from a larger string

Mid statement

Replaces a substring in a larger string

Option Compare ...

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