MsgBox Function




MsgBox(prompt[, buttons][, title])
prompt (required; String)

The text of the message to display in the message box dialog box

buttons (optional; MsgBoxStyle enumeration)

The sum of the Button, Icon, Default Button, and Modality constant values

title (optional; String)

The title displayed in the title bar of the message box dialog box

Return Value

A MsgBoxResult enumeration constant indicating the button clicked by the user to close the message box


Displays a dialog box containing a message, buttons, and optional icon to the user. The action taken by the user is returned by the function in the form of an enumerated constant.

Rules at a Glance

  • prompt can contain approximately 1,000 characters, including carriage return characters such as the built-in vbCrLf constant.

  • If the title parameter is omitted, the name of the current application or project is displayed in the title bar.

  • If you omit the buttons argument, the default value is 0; that is, VB opens an application modal dialog box containing only an OK button.

  • The constants of the MsgBoxStyle enumeration can be added together to form a complete buttons argument. The constants can be divided into the following groups:

    Button Display Constants
    Icon Display Constants
    Default Button Constants
    Modality Constants

    Only one constant from each group can be used to make up the overall buttons value.

Button Display Constants



Buttons to display

MsgBoxStyle.OKOnly ...

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