WebService Attribute



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An optional element of a web service definition (the ASP.NET @ Webservice directive is required), the <WebService> attribute can be used to assign the web service a namespace and description.




Description (String)

A textual description of the web service. The description is displayed in the Service Description page and the Service help page.

Name (String)

The name to be assigned to the web service. Ordinarily, the web service name corresponds to the name of the class However, the Name property of the <WebService> attribute is used instead of the class name as the name of the web service.

Namespace (String)

The web service’s namespace. During development, the namespace is used by default. However, a unique namespace should be assigned to any production web service. Although the namespace for a web service resembles a URL, it need not point to any valid Internet resource.


The example uses an .asmx file with the following contents:

<%@ WebService Language="VB" Class="HelloWebService" Codebehind="Hello.asmx.vb" %>

It has the following codebehind file:

Option Strict Imports System.Web.Services <WebService(Name:="Hello", _ Description:="Displays a friendly greeting to the user.", _ Namespace:="")> _ Public Class HelloWebService <WebMethod()> Public Function SayHello(Name As String) As String Return "Hello, " & Name ...

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