VCA-DCV VMware Certified Associate on vSphere Study Guide: VCAD-510

Book description

Use this expert guide to prepare for the VCA-DCV exam

VCA-DCV VMware Certified Associate on vSphere Study Guide: VCAD-510 is a comprehensive study guide for the VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization exam. Hands-on examples, real-world scenarios, and expert review questions cover the full exam blueprint, and the companion website offers a suite of tools to help you prepare for the exam including practice exams, electronic flashcards, and a glossary of key terms. In addition, the website includes videos that demonstrate how to complete the more challenging tasks. Focused on practical skills, this study guide not only prepares you for the certification exam, but also for the duties expected of a VCA.

The VMware Certified Associate-Data Center Virtualization certification targets those with limited virtualization and VMware data center technology experience, providing a springboard to the popular VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization certification. Virtualization has become a high priority among organizations, and credentialed professionals are in high demand. This guide helps you prove a certain level of foundational skill in basic virtualization technology, including the vSphere suite's Infrastructure Services, Application Services, and vCenter Server. Topics include:

  • Explaining data center virtualization concepts

  • Identifying the core components of vSphere

  • Networking and storage planning/configuration with vSphere

  • Correlating VMware solutions to common business challenges

  • The VCA-DCV certification is the only one with no instructor-led training requirement, so a thorough study guide is an invaluable tool in you exam preparation. This book not only covers the full exam, but also provides practice designed to actually improve the skills used every day on the job. VCA-DCV VMware Certified Associate on vSphere Study Guide is more than just test prep—it's job prep.

    Table of contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Assessment Test
    3. Answers to Assessment Test
    4. Chapter 1 Intro to Virtualization
      1. What Is Data Center Virtualization?
      2. Virtualization Then and Now
      3. Physical and Virtual Data Center Components
      4. Benefits of Using Virtualization
      5. Online Tools
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    5. Chapter 2 VMware Solutions
      1. Availability Challenges
      2. Management Challenges
      3. Scalability Challenges
      4. Optimization Challenges
      5. Summary
      6. Exam Essentials
      7. Review Questions
    6. Chapter 3 vSphere Core Components
      1. Virtual Machines
      2. ESXi Hypervisor
      3. vCenter Server
      4. Migration
      5. High Availability
      6. Clusters and Resource Pools
      7. Other VMware Data Center Products
      8. Summary
      9. Exam Essentials
      10. Review Questions
    7. Chapter 4 Storage in a VMware Environment
      1. Physical vs. Virtual Storage
      2. VMware Storage Types
      3. Virtual Machine File System
      4. Disk Provisioning
      5. VMware Virtual Storage Technologies
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    8. Chapter 5 Networking in a VMware Environment
      1. Differentiate Physical and Virtual Networking
      2. Differentiate VMware Virtual Switch Technologies
      3. Identify VMware Virtual Switch Components
      4. Identify Common Virtual Switch Policies
      5. Identify Capabilities of Network I/O Control
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    9. Chapter 6 Business Challenges Meet VMware Solutions
      1. Availability Challenges and Solutions
      2. Management Challenges and Solutions
      3. Optimization Challenges and Solutions
      4. Scalability Challenges and Solutions
      5. The Differences between SMB and Enterprise Challenges and Solutions
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    10. Appendices
      1. Appendix A Answers to Review Questions
        1. Chapter 1
        2. Chapter 2
        3. Chapter 3
        4. Chapter 4
        5. Chapter 5
        6. Chapter 6
      2. Appendix B Online Resources
        1. VMware Resources
        2. Using Google for Exam Preparation
    11. Index
    12. Advert
    13. EULA

    Product information

    • Title: VCA-DCV VMware Certified Associate on vSphere Study Guide: VCAD-510
    • Author(s): Dane Charlton, Robert Schmidt
    • Release date: April 2015
    • Publisher(s): Sybex
    • ISBN: 9781118919668