Chapter 10: Performing Basic Troubleshooting

VCP (VCP-410) Exam Objectives Covered in This Chapter:

  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting for ESX/ESXi Hosts.
    • Understand general ESX Server troubleshooting guidelines.
    • Troubleshoot common installation issues.
    • Monitor ESX Server system health.
    • Understand how to export diagnostic data.
  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting for VMware FT and Third-Party Clusters.
    • Analyze and evaluate VM population for Maintenance mode considerations.
    • Understand manual third-party failover/failback processes.
    • Troubleshoot Fault Tolerance partial or unexpected failover.
  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting for Networking.
    • Verify VM is connected to the correct port group.
    • Verify port group settings are correct.
    • Verify that the network ...

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