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Vegas 6 Editing Workshop

Book Description

Vegas Editing Workshop provides a complete system for mastering Vegas and learning inside tips and techniques. Critically praised, Sony's Vegas is a powerful tool for editing video, and Douglas Spotted Eagle, an award-winning, world-recognized Vegas user, shows novices and experienced users alike how to get the most from this program. Woven into this editing workshop are hands-on tutorials covering a complete range of essential tasks from installing the application to outputting, including capturing video from the camera to the hard drive, using transitions and filters, recording and editing audio, and using audio plug-ins. The book comes with a companion DVD packed with raw video footage and sequences, and detailed instructions on how to work more efficiently and make better media. A comprehensive guide to excellent software, Vegas Editing Workshop is a powerful tool for video editors everywhere.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Chapter 1: What’s New in Vegas 6?
    1. What’s New?
    2. Preferences
    3. Up to Speed
    4. Nesting
    5. Editing the VEG Files from a Nested Timeline
    6. Track Flattening
    7. Virtual Sound Technology
    8. Broadcasst Wave Format
    9. Presets
    10. AAF Import/Export
    11. AV SyncRepair
    12. Playhead Scrubbing
    13. Ripple Editing Changes
    14. Media Manager
    15. Performing the Search
    16. DVI Monitoring
    17. Capture Tools and Hardware
    18. HDV in Sony Vegas
    19. Alternatives
  7. Chapter 2: Getting Started with Vegas
    1. Installing Vegas
    2. The Basic Tools in Vegas
      1. Track Control Pane
      2. Timeline/Track View
      3. Vegas Windows
    3. Saving Templates/Layouts in Vegas
      1. File Menu
      2. Edit Menu
      3. View Menu
      4. Insert Menu
      5. Tools Menu
      6. Options Menu
    4. Cursors and Selections
    5. Say You’ll be MINE!
      1. XP Themes in Vegas
    6. Key Features!
    7. Color My World
    8. Flashy Titles
  8. Chapter 3: Capturing Video
    1. Getting Media from the Camera to the Hard Drive
      1. Manual Capturing/Capturing Entire Tape
      2. Advanced Capture Tools
  9. Chapter 4: Editing Tools, Transitions, Filters, and Other Basic Video Tools
    1. Importing Media to the Timeline
    2. Subclips in Vegas
      1. Placing Media on the Timeline
    3. Editing Events on the Timeline
    4. And the Envelope Please…? Transitional Envelopes
      1. Using Keyframes in Vegas
      2. Filters in Vegas
      3. How Filters/Plug-ins Function
      4. Velocity Filters
      5. Event Switches in Vegas
  10. Chapter 5: Filters and Add-ons
    1. Working with Plugins in Vegas
      1. Pixelan SpiceMASTER 2
      2. SpiceFILTERS
      3. BorisFX
      4. Wax/Debugmode Software
      5. Zenote
  11. Chapter 6: Audio Tools in Vegas
    1. Recording Audio in Vegas
      1. Basic Setup
      2. Recording Multiple Tracks
      3. Advanced Recording Techniques and Tools
      4. Recording with Takes
      5. FX Packaging
      6. Recording Multiple Tracks
    2. Editing Audio in Vegas
      1. Placing Audio on the Timeline
      2. Extracting Audio from CDs
      3. Inserting Markers
      4. Rubber Audio
      5. Variable Speed Audio in Vegas
      6. Trimming Events on the Timeline
      7. Deleting Events from the Timeline
      8. Using Ripple Editing
      9. Grouping
    3. Working with Audio Plug-ins
      1. Automating FX in Vegas
      2. Working with Other Types of Plug-ins
      3. Fingertip Mixing; Using the Mackie Control
      4. Other Controlling Devices
      5. Audiomation?
      6. Training Vegas
      7. Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make!
    4. Mixing Audio in Vegas
      1. Surrounded by FX: Surround Plugins
      2. I’m All Mixed … Down! Downmixing in Vegas
    5. How Come the Audio Cats Get All the Cool Stuff?
  12. Chapter 7: Compositing in Vegas
    1. What Is Compositing?
      1. Using the Pan/Crop Tool
    2. Masking with the Pan/Crop Tool
      1. But How Is This a Mask?
      2. Using Track Motion in Vegas
    3. The Next Dimension: 3D Track Motion Tools
    4. Nesting Composites
    5. Parental Guidance/Shadows and Glow
    6. Growth Curves from Vegas 4 Users
      1. Generated Media
      2. Credit Rolls
      3. Creating/Using Masks in Vegas
      4. Compositing Modes in Vegas
      5. Using Chromakey Tools in Vegas
      6. Creating a Garbage Matte in Vegas
    7. Create a Holograph in Vegas!
      1. Motion Blur
  13. Chapter 8: Color Correction and Manipulation
    1. Understanding the Color Correction Tools in Vegas
      1. Displays and Scopes
      2. Using Color Correction as FX
      3. Making Digital Video Look Film-Like
  14. Chapter 9: Streaming Media Tools
    1. Creating High-Quality Streaming Media
      1. Shooting, Editing, and Delivering
  15. Chapter 10: DVD Architect 3
    1. Setting Up a DVD Project
      1. Menu Flow in DVD Architect 3
    2. DVD Architect 3.0
    3. A Whole New Blueprint!
    4. Setting Up DVD Architect
      1. From the Top Down
    5. Using an External Monitor
    6. Hey, Look Me Over! The Project Overview Window
    7. Inserting a Background
    8. Properties Window
    9. Highlight Masks
    10. Subtitling
    11. Changing Fonts and Sizes
    12. Secondary Audio Tracks
    13. Editing in DVD Architect 3
    14. Masks, Masking, and Masked Images
    15. Building Compilations
      1. Remote Control Actions
      2. Transporting a Project
    16. The Final Burn
      1. Mixing File Formats in DVD Architect
      2. Working with 24p Media in DVD Architect 3
      3. Inserting an AC-3 Audio File
      4. Determining Bit Rates
  16. Chapter 11: Output and Export
    1. Last Steps with Vegas
      1. Output Formats
      2. Mastering
      3. Burning to a Master CD
      4. Mastering Audio for Video
      5. Using Equalizers
      6. Dithering Audio in Vegas
      7. Rendering Options in Vegas
      8. Exporting Events to Third-party Applications
    2. EDLs and Vegas
      1. Outputting Other than AVI Files
      2. Outputting an AC-3 Format File
      3. Creating a VCD/SVCD
      4. Additional Rendering Options
    3. Network Rendering
      1. Setting Up the Rendering Network (Render Farming)
      2. Rendering Clients
      3. File Mapping
      4. Additional Functions of the Network Rendering Application
      5. High-Definition Video
      6. 4:2:2 MPEG Capability:
      7. New Codecs
      8. Scripting
      9. Using Vegas with DVD-Architect
  17. Chapter 12: 24p HDCAM/DVCA Workflow for the Independent Filmmaker
    1. Overview
      1. 24p HDCAM Acquisition
      2. Setting Up a 24p Vegas Project
      3. 24p Timecode
      4. Create Finished Audio Tracks in a 24p Vegas Timeline
      5. Create Finished Composites and Video fx
  18. Index
  19. What’s on the DVD