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Vegas Pro 11 Editing Workshop

Book Description

Go beyond the mechanics of Vegas 11 with award-winning Vegas guru Douglas Spotted Eagle as he guides you through an industry-tested professional editing workflow.  Packed with hands-on tutorials, this edition covers a complete range of essential tasks from installing the application to final output, allowing you to gain practical knowledge regardless of your editing experience.  Vegas Movie Studio is also fully covered alongside Vegas 11, showing what you can accomplish in both programs.  Bonus materials on the DVD include training tutorials, raw video footage, project files, and detailed instructions, enabling you to gain a working knowledge of Vegas, including its compositing, audio features, and robust 3D workflow. 

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Editor’s Note
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Introduction
  10. Part One: Plugging In
    1. Chapter 1: The Fasst Start Guide: Introduction and Importing Video
      1. Capture the Flag
      2. Importing AVCHD/AVC
      3. Importing Media from a DVD Drive
      4. Importing Media from a Hard Disk Drive Recorder
      5. Device Explorer in Vegas Software
      6. XDCAM and Sony Vegas Pro Software (XDCAM Support Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      7. Importing XDCAM Media into a Vegas Project
      8. Enabling the XDCAM Explorer
      9. Enabling Multichannel Audio Import
      10. Sony XDCAM EX and Sony Vegas Pro
      11. Capturing DV
      12. Manually Capturing DV
      13. Advanced Capture Tools
      14. Capturing Stills with Video Capture
      15. Capturing/Transferring HDV
      16. Hardware Cards and Vegas Pro (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
    2. Chapter 2: The Fasst Start Guide: Video Editing in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio
      1. Ripple Editing
      2. Adding Transitions
      3. Adding FX
      4. Basic Audio Tools and Functions
      5. Adding Titles
    3. Chapter 3: The Fasst Start Guide: Outputting a Project in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio
      1. Output to the Internet and Personal Devices
      2. Output to DVD
        1. Vegas Pro Users
        2. Vegas Movie Studio Users
  11. Part Two: Turning Up: Going Deeper into Sony Vegas
    1. Chapter 4: Preferences: Settings for the Best Vegas Experience
      1. Setting Preferences in Vegas
        1. The General Tab
        2. Other Tabs
        3. The Preview Device Tab
        4. The Audio Tab
        5. The Audio Device Tab
        6. The MIDI Tab
        7. The VST Tab
        8. The Editing Tab
        9. The Display Tab
        10. The CD Settings Tab
        11. Sync and External Control Tabs
      2. Internal Preferences
      3. Preview Window Settings
      4. Preview Settings
    2. Chapter 5: Menus and Docking Windows
      1. Menus
        1. The FILE Menu
        2. The EDIT Menu
        3. The View Menu
        4. The Tools Menu
        5. The OPTIONS Menu
      2. Docking Windows
      3. The Vegas Trimmer
      4. Subclips
        1. Selecting Audio and/or Video in the Trimmer
        2. Right-Click Access in the Trimmer
      5. The Project Media Window
      6. The Vegas Explorer Window
      7. Other Docking Windows
      8. The Compositors Window
      9. The Plug-in Manager
      10. Video Scopes
      11. Surround Panner
      12. Media Manager
      13. XDCAM Explorer
      14. Mixing Console
      15. Device Explorer
    3. Chapter 6: Editing Techniques
      1. Editing Events
      2. Splitting/Cutting/Copying/Pasting
      3. Ten-Key Editing
      4. Other Timeline Navigation Tools
      5. Multipoint Split
      6. Ripple Editing
      7. Markers/Regions/Command Markers
      8. Track Headers
      9. Video Track Headers
      10. Audio Tracks
      11. Hiding/Revealing Track Headers
      12. Zooming/Viewing Tools
    4. Chapter 7: Multicam Functions in Vegas Pro (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      1. More on Multicamera Editing in Vegas Pro
        1. Synchronizing Video/Audio for Multicamera Editing
        2. Multiple Cameras in Vegas Movie Studio
    5. Chapter 8: Time Shifting, Transitions, and FX
      1. Time Shifting
      2. Increasing the Speed of Events
      3. Reversing Events
      4. Velocity Envelopes (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      5. Ultra-Speeds (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      6. Changing the Speed of Audio
      7. Ctrl-Stretch Events
      8. Transitions and FX
      9. Inserting a Transition
      10. Adding FX
      11. Removing FX
      12. Track-Level FX
      13. Project-Level FX
      14. Project Media-Level FX
      15. Adding Audio FX
    6. Chapter 9: Color Correction Tools in Vegas Movie Studio and Vegas Pro
      1. Prep the Room
      2. Single Color Pass
      3. Using the Gradient Map for Effect/Correction
      4. Black/White and Mixing
      5. Adjusting Levels Using Scopes (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      6. Broadcast Levels FX
      7. Making Digital Video Look Film-like
        1. Interlaced or Not?
    7. Chapter 10: Audio Tools in Sony Vegas
      1. Recording Audio in Vegas
        1. Basic Setup
        2. Recording Multiple Tracks
        3. Advanced Recording Techniques and Tools
        4. Recording with Takes
        5. Assigning Buses (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      2. Using Buses for Routing Effects
        1. Audio Mixer (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      3. FX Packaging
        1. FX to Go, Please?
      4. Inserting Effects without Using a Bus (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      5. Using Track FX
        1. Tempo-Based FX
      6. Virtual Sound Technology
      7. Recording Multiple Tracks
      8. Synchronizing Vegas Pro to External Devices (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      9. Editing Audio in Vegas
        1. Placing Audio on the Timeline
        2. Extracting Audio from CDs
        3. Get ACIDized!
        4. Get the Mark Up
        5. Rubber Audio
      10. Elastique
        1. Reverse Decisions
        2. Snapping Audio Events
        3. Trimming Events on the Timeline
        4. Working with Audio Plug-ins
      11. Automating FX in Vegas Pro
      12. Working with Other Types of Plug-ins
        1. Noise Reduction
      13. Fingertip Mixing: Using the Mackie Control (and Other Control Devices in Vegas Pro) (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      14. Other Controlling Devices
      15. Audiomation?
      16. Training Vegas
      17. Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make!
      18. Feeling Fat? Get Thin!
      19. Faders Flying Everywhere
      20. Mixing Audio in Vegas Pro
        1. Mixing Techniques
        2. Compression
        3. De-essing
        4. Using Equalization
        5. Using Reverb
        6. Mixing for 5.1 Surround Sound (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
        7. Surrounded by FX: Surround Plug-ins
        8. Mixing Surround or DVD Audio
        9. I’m All Mixed … Down! Down-mixing in Vegas Pro
        10. Broadcast Wave Format
        11. Encoding Audio to AC-3
        12. Other Compressed Formats
    8. Chapter 11: Titling Tools in Vegas
      1. Titling in Sony Vegas
      2. The Basic Titling Tool
      3. Credit Rolls in Vegas
      4. The ProType Titling Tool
      5. Collection Presets
      6. Other Basic Tools
      7. Advanced Titling Tools
      8. Flashy Titles
      9. Importing Static Graphics
    9. Chapter 12: Track Motion and Pan/Crop
      1. Track Motion Properties
      2. Using Track Motion
      3. Setting Up a 3D Plane (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      4. The Pan/Crop Tool
      5. Using the Bezier Mask Feature in Pan/Crop (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
    10. Chapter 13: Rendering and Output
      1. Using Vegas with DVD Architect
      2. Outputting for Blu-ray Disc
      3. What If I’m not Using DVD Architect?
      4. Outputting an AC-3 Format File
      5. Output to Intranet or Internet
      6. Output for Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook (and Other User-Generated Content Sites)
      7. Tape/DV Output
      8. Rendering to an AVI
      9. Exporting Projects to Third-Party Applications
        1. Uncompressed Files
      10. EDLs and Vegas
      11. AAF Import/Export
      12. Outputting Other Than AVI Files
      13. Additional Rendering Options
      14. High-Definition Video
      15. 4:2:2 MPEG Capability (Not Available in Sony Vegas Movie Studio)
      16. Codecs
      17. Scripting
      18. Rotated Display Functions (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      19. Producing Rotated Media
      20. Summary
  12. Part Three: “ … This One Goes to 11 … ”
    1. Chapter 14: Understanding Keyframes
      1. Lanes and Curves
      2. Other Types of Keyframes
    2. Chapter 15: FX and Third-Party Tools
      1. Working with Plug-ins in Vegas
      2. Sony Production Assistant
      3. Boris Continuum Complete
      4. Boris RED
      5. GenArts Sapphire/Sapphire Edge
      6. NewBlueFX
      7. RE:Vision Effects TWIXTOR
      8. Red Giant Magic Bullet
      9. ProDad
      10. VASST Software (vasst.com)
    3. Chapter 16: 3D Editing, Monitoring, and Output in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio
      1. Setting the 3D Project Properties
      2. Importing 3D Media to the Timeline
      3. Manually Synchronizing Files on the Vegas Timeline
      4. Stereoscopic 3D Adjust FX Tool
      5. Applying FX to 3D Video Events
      6. Rendering 3D for Output
      7. Frame compatible formats
      8. Rendering for Active Glasses
      9. Creating Faux 3D from a Single File
      10. 3D Titles/Text
    4. Chapter 17: Masks and Compositing in Sony Vegas
      1. What Is Compositing?
      2. Picture in Picture
      3. Creating/Using Masks in Vegas
      4. Mask Tutorial #1
      5. Mask Tutorial #2
      6. Mask Tutorial #3
      7. Mask Tutorial #4
      8. Empty Events
      9. Compositing Modes in Vegas
      10. Displacement Map Tutorial
      11. Height Map Tutorial
      12. Bump Map Parent (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      13. Using Chroma-Key Tools in Vegas
      14. Creating a Garbage Matte in Vegas
      15. Create a Holograph in Vegas!
      16. Motion Blur
      17. Supersampling
      18. Nesting Composites
      19. Parental Guidance/Shadows and Glow
      20. Ten-Bit Color and 32-Bit (Floating) Processing (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      21. Generated Media
        1. Generated Media Tutorial
      22. Nested Projects (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
    5. Chapter 18: Media Manager
      1. Overview and Concepts
      2. User Interface Layout
      3. Setup and Preferences
      4. Changing Options
      5. Create a New Library
      6. Adding Media to the Media Manager
      7. Organizing Your Media with Tags
      8. The Power of Search
      9. Quick Text or Keyword Search
      10. Advanced Search
      11. Previewing the Media in Vegas Pro
        1. Placing the Media on the Timeline
      12. Using Usage Relationships
      13. Conclusion
    6. Chapter 19: 4K Resolutions and Vegas Pro (Not Available in Vegas Movie Studio)
      1. Accessing RED Decode/Raw Data
      2. Previewing a 4K Project
      3. Outputting a RED File
      4. Other Benefits of 4K Resolution Support in Vegas Pro
  13. Index