Chapter 16

Show Time! Making Your Presentation

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the person who will deliver the pitch

arrow Connecting with your audience

arrow Working with presentation technology

After you spend the time and effort putting together an outstanding pitch deck for your presentation, you’re ready to prepare for the pitch itself. You want your pitch to come off as professional, heartfelt, smart, and ahead of the curve. But here’s a secret: The key information and data points you’ve amassed to describe your company and support your growth projections alone aren’t enough to generate the interest and enthusiasm you want from the VCs in the audience. The fact is that many of the elements that you want to convey are impossible to put into words or graphics. These are the emotional and human elements of your pitch.

In this chapter, we tell you how to prepare for the practical aspects of the pitch — things like how to work with the acoustics in the room to ensure everyone can hear you, to how to test your equipment to avoid snafus — as well as how to give your presentation the emotional heft that will hook a VC’s attention.

Choosing the Lead Presenter

Like the lead singer in a band, the pitch ...

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