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Versatile Routing and Services with BGP: Understanding and Implementing BGP in SR-OS

Book Description

Design a robust BGP control plane within a secure, scalable network for smoother services

A robust Border Gateway Protocol setup is vital to ensuring reliable connectivity, an essential capability for any organization. The Internet has become a necessary, always-on service in homes and businesses, and BGP is the protocol that keeps communication flowing. But BGP also has become crucial to delivery of intra-domain business services. But the network is only as reliable as BGP, so service enablement depends upon making BGP more stable, reliable, and service-rich.

Alcatel-Lucent Service Router Operating System is engineered to bear the load of the most demanding networks. The system features support for Symmetric Multiprocessing and unprecedented depth of advanced routing features, all within a single OS that's supported across the entire Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS router portfolio. Versatile Routing and Services with BGP provides guidance toward implementation of BGP within SR-OS, and details the use and control of each feature. The book provides in-depth coverage of topics such as:


  • Labeled Unicast IPv4, reconvergence, and multicast

  • Security, graceful restart and error handling

  • IPv6 PE (6PE) and IPv6 extensions to BGP/MPLS IP-VPN

  • A look at forthcoming features such as Ethernet VPN

  • Basic BGP competency is assumed, but the book is accessible even to those with zero familiarity with Alcatel-Lucent's SR-OS. It underscores the idea that BGP is more than just service enablement, and can also be used for infrastructure layer transport - but both layers must be solid, scalable, and able to quickly reconverge. Versatile Routing and Services with BGP demonstrates the creation of a robust BGP control plane within a, secure network, allowing the delivery of flawless, uninterrupted service.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Foreword
    3. Introduction
    4. Chapter 1: Getting Started
      1. Session Negotiation and Capabilities
    5. Chapter 2: BGP/MPLS IP-VPN
      1. Basic Configuration
      2. Prefix Dissemination
      3. Extensions for IPv6 VPN (6VPE)
      4. Multi-AS Backbones (Inter-AS)
    6. Chapter 3: Using BGP in VPLS
      1. BGP Auto-Discovery with LDP Signaling
      2. BGP Auto-Discovery and Signaling
      3. BGP Multi-Homing
    7. Chapter 4: BGP Signaling for VPWS
      1. BGP VPWS
      2. Dynamic Multi-Segment Pseudowire
    8. Chapter 5: Labeled Unicast IPv4
      1. Seamless MPLS
      2. Inter-AS Type C
      3. Carriers' Carrier
      4. Notes
    9. Chapter 6: Reconvergence
      1. Advertisement of Multiple Paths
      2. Best External
      3. Next-Hop Tracking
      4. Prefix Independent Convergence (PIC)
      5. Minimum Route Advertisement Interval
      6. BGP Anycast
    10. Chapter 7: Multicast
      1. Inter-Domain IPv4-IPv6 PIM
      2. Multicast in MPLS/BGP IP-VPNs
    11. Chapter 8: Graceful Restart and Error Handling
      1. Graceful Restart Mechanism
      2. Error Handling
    12. Chapter 9: Security
      1. FlowSpec
      2. Remote Triggered Blackholing
      3. Generalized TTL Security Mechanism
      4. Auto-Generation of Filters for BGP Peers
    13. Chapter 10: General Applicability
      1. IPv6 PE Router (6PE)
      2. Load-Balancing
      3. IGP Shortcuts
      4. Split Horizon
      5. Peer Groups
      6. BGP in Residential Broadband Networks
      7. QoS Policy Propagation Using BGP
      8. Route Policy Framework
      9. Notes
    14. Chapter 11: Looking Ahead
      1. Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
      2. Control-Plane-Only Route-Reflection
      3. Prefix Origin Validation
      4. Link State Information Distribution Using BGP
    15. Appendix A: Path Selection Process
      1. Best-Path Selection Algorithm
      2. Always-Compare-MED
      3. Deterministic MED
    16. References and Glossary
      1. References
      2. Glossary
    17. Advertisement