Video Over IP

Book description

Video Over IP gives you everything you need to know to choose from among the many ways of transferring your video over a network. The information is presented in an easy to read format, with comparison charts provided to help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of different technologies for a variety of practical applications.

Readers who have a background in either video or networking will benefit from tutorials in both areas and the breadth of coverage that this book provides. Real-life application examples give readers successful examples of a variety of Video over IP networks that are up and running today.

After reading this book, you will be able to:
-Understand the basics of video today
-Understand the basics of IP networking technology
-Differentiate between technologies such as streaming, download and play, and file transfer
-Understand the benefits and drawbacks of a variety of video transport techniques
-Know what information you need to gather about their application before selecting a Video over IP technology and before beginning an implementation

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1 Overview of Video Transport
    1. Video Transport Technologies
    2. Telecom Networks
    3. The Internet
    4. Review and Video User Checklist
  9. Chapter 2 Video Transport Applications
    1. Entertainment
    2. Interactive Video
    3. Narrowcasting
    4. The True Meaning of “Real Time”
    5. Video Transport Economics
    6. Review and Checklist Update
  10. Chapter 3 Video Basics
    1. Pixels, Luma, Scanning, and Chroma
    2. Types of Video
    3. Video Fields and Frames
    4. Types of Audio
    5. Other Video Services
    6. Video and Audio Switching
    7. Review and Checklist Update
  11. Chapter 4 Video and Audio Compression
    1. Compression Overview
    2. MPEG Compression Technologies
    3. Other Compression Technologies
    4. VBI Compression Issues
    5. Comparing Compression Technologies
    6. Applications
    7. Technology Licensing Issues
    8. Review and Checklist Update
  12. Chapter 5 IP Networking Basics
    1. How IP Fits In
    2. IP Basics
    3. Ethernet and IP
    4. Review and Checklist Update
  13. Chapter 6 From Video Into Packets
    1. Encapsulation
    2. MPEG Stream Types
    3. Transport Protocols
    4. Case Study: Uncompressed Video over IP
    5. Review and Checklist Update
  14. Chapter 7 Packet Transport
    1. Transport Methods
    2. Transport Considerations
    3. Network Impairments
    4. Internet Transport
    5. Quality of Service
    6. Review and Checklist Update
  15. Chapter 8 Video Streaming and Media Players
    1. Basic Concepts
    2. Streaming System Architecture
    3. Streaming Applications
    4. Technologies for Streaming
    5. Commercial Players
    6. Review and Checklist Update
  16. Chapter 9 Multicasting
    1. Basic Concepts
    2. Applications
    3. Multicasting System Architecture
    4. System Impact
    5. Review and Checklist Update
  17. Chapter 10 Videoconferencing Over IP
    1. Basic Concepts
    2. Technologies
    3. Review and Checklist Update
  18. Chapter 11 Content Ownership and Security
    1. Acquiring Content
    2. Rights Management
    3. Encryption
    4. Encryption Systems
    5. Review and Checklist Update
  19. Chapter 12 Transport Security
    1. Private Networks
    2. Virtual Private Networks
    3. Review and Checklist Update
  20. Chapter 13 IPTV—IP Video to the Home
    1. Applications
    2. Basic Concepts
    3. IPTV Delivery Networks
    4. Technologies for IPTV
    5. Digital Subscriber Line Video Case Study
    6. Review and Checklist Update
  21. Chapter 14 Video File Transfer
    1. Overview
    2. File Transfer Applications
    3. File Transfer Technology
    4. Review and Checklist Update
  22. Chapter 15 Network Administration
    1. Management Tasks
    2. Case Study: ST. Clair County Schools
    3. Technologies for Network Administration
    4. Review and Checklist Update
  23. Appendix A: The Discrete Cosine Transform
  24. Appendix B: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
  25. Appendix C: Video User Checklist
  26. Glossary
  27. Index

Product information

  • Title: Video Over IP
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2005
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136036897