Video Storytelling Projects: A DIY Guide to Shooting, Editing and Producing Amazing Video Stories on the Go

Book description

Part handbook, part classroomthis book has everything you need to make your story a reality.

Nowadays, telling a story through video is a necessity. Video has become the new printed word. Creators must be able to craft video narratives using one of the most powerful tools availablethe smartphone.

In Video Storytelling Projects, award-winning content creator RC Concepcion shows you how to combine the timeless principles of storytelling with the latest technology. Youll identify the right gear you need in your bag, the best techniques you need in your notebook, and the precise skills you need to make, edit, and share your creation.

The book is broken into four parts:

  1. The essence of a story, from ideation to structure and dialog

  2. The gear and techniques you need in your pocket

  3. How to assemble a story using Adobe Premiere Pro

  4. Three practice projects that guide you on how to put it all together

Purchase of the book or eBook includes access via QR codes to videos from the author that supplement the key skills from the book to help you tell your story.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Biography
  8. Introduction
  9. The Words (Dear Mrs. Senderoff)
    1. An Angry Kid
    2. Saying Thanks
    3. What Does This Have to Do with Video and Storytelling?
  10. Vincent Laforet on Permission to Create
  11. Chapter 1. The Elements of Story
    1. Freytag’s Pyramid
    2. The Hero’s Journey
    3. Suit the Structure to Your Idea
    4. The Three Pillars
    5. Story Helps Us Change How We Feel
  12. Chapter 2. How to Structure Your Story
    1. Learning a New Language
    2. Outline Your Idea: The Arc
    3. Build Your Idea: Shot Sizes
    4. Frame Your Idea: Look Right Here!
    5. Put Your Idea Together: The Sequence
  13. Chapter 3. Previsualizing Your Idea
    1. Working with Intention
    2. The Shot List: Plan to Build. Build to Plan.
    3. From Outline to Shot to Scene
    4. Working with Storyboards
    5. Working with Scripts
    6. The Day of Production
    7. The Payoff of Previsualization
  14. Chapter 4. Working with Sound
    1. Capturing the Sound
    2. Microphones
    3. Sound Recording Tips
  15. Chapter 5. Working with Video
    1. Some Technical Specifications for Video
    2. Using a Video Tripod
    3. Lighting for Mobile Video
    4. What’s in My Rig?
    5. Start Small and Build Up
  16. Chapter 6. The Importance of Dialogue
    1. A Few Well-Chosen Words
    2. The Interview
  17. Chapter 7. Everything in Its Place
    1. Use a Project Folder
    2. Import Your Video Footage
    3. Name Your Files
    4. Set Up a Premiere Pro Project
    5. File Management
    6. Go Slow to Be Faster
  18. Chapter 8. Assembling Your Story in Adobe Premiere Pro
    1. A Practice Project: “The Spot It Surprise”
    2. Creating the Premiere Pro Project
  19. Chapter 9. Basic Edits: Sharpening Your Point in Premiere Pro
    1. Using the Selection and Ripple Edit Tools
    2. Exploring More Editing Tools
    3. Using Basic Effects in Premiere Pro
    4. Final Touches
  20. Chapter 10. Editing: Beyond the Basics
    1. Artistic Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro
    2. Going Beyond Premiere Pro
  21. Chapter 11. Mobile Journalism Project
    1. My Sample News Story: A 35,000-Foot Overview
    2. From Bullets to a Script
    3. Recording the Video
    4. Assembling the News Package in Premiere Pro
  22. Chapter 12. Sharing Your Video Online
    1. Hosting It Yourself
    2. Working with YouTube
    3. Working with Transcripts in Video
    4. Customizing for Social Channels
    5. Comments and the $100 Bill
  23. Chapter 13. Project: Card Game
    1. The Project Assignment
    2. How Can You Measure Success?
  24. Credits
  25. Index
  26. Pearson’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Product information

  • Title: Video Storytelling Projects: A DIY Guide to Shooting, Editing and Producing Amazing Video Stories on the Go
  • Author(s): Rafael Concepcion
  • Release date: September 2023
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780137690664