A Glossary of AV/IT Terms

3:2 pull down—The process of converting 24-frame-per-second film to 60 (59.94 actually) fields/s video by repeating one film frame as three video fields and then the next film frame as two fields. The actual order is 2, 3 so 2:3 is more accurate but the principle is the same.

4:2:2 (4:4:4, 4:1:1, 4:2:0)—Common designations for pixel sampling relationships in a digital component video format. The first term relates to the luma (Y’) sampling rate and the other two relate to the chroma (Cr and Cb) sampling rates. See Chapter 11 to decipher the hidden codes.

480i—Shorthand for a 480 active line, SD interlaced scanning standard usually with 720 horizontal pixels at various frame rates. 480p is the progressive version. Total ...

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