5View Camera Lenses

5.1 Basic Differences Between Lenses

At least five different brands of view camera lenses are marketed in the United States, and one manufacturer makes more than 40 different view camera lenses. The basic differences among lenses offered by each manufacturer include (1) focal length (from 35 mm to 1200 mm), (2) covering power (for film sizes from 2¼ × 3¼ in. to 11 × 14 in.), (3) design type (normal, telephoto, or wide-angle, for example), (4) correction for aberrations (including different levels of correction, and optimization for short, medium, and long object distances), (5) range of f-numbers (f/4–f/32 and f/8–f/90, for example), and (6) range of shutter speeds (T-1/250 sec. and T-1/500 sec., for example).

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