Chapter 1

Defining Virtual and Augmented Reality


check Understanding what virtual and augmented reality are

check Explaining some other related terms

check Reviewing the history of virtual and augmented reality

check Understanding the technology hype cycle and the fourth wave

When you picture “technology of the future,” what are the first things that come to mind? In ten years, how will technology be affecting your life differently than it does today?

Some people may picture self-driving electric cars that at a word automatically whisk them off to their desired destinations. Others no doubt envision an artificial intelligence (AI) utopia in which robots perform the menial labor tasks humans have had to do in the past, freeing people up to tackle life’s tougher problems.

Finally, many people may foresee a future where they’re able to create their own realities. They could be sitting on a couch at home but put on a headset and feel as if they’re at a soccer stadium thousands of miles away. They could put on a pair of high-tech glasses and have a fully realized holographic avatar of a friend ...

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