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Virtual Presentations That Work

Book Description

THE COMPLETE USER’S GUIDE TO GOING VIRTUAL--AND GETTING RESULTSWith today’s virtual technology, you can manage your business faster, reduce your expenses, and reach alarger market than ever before. The technology is there. All you need is the imagination and talent to harness its power.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Virtual Presentations that Work
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Note of Caution
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Part 1 Introduction to Virtual Presentations
    1. Chapter 1 What are Virtual Presentations?
    2. Chapter 2 Benefits and Capabilities of Virtual Presentations
    3. Chapter 3 Basic Differences Between Virtual and Face-To-Face Presentations
    4. Chapter 4 Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Environments
    5. Chapter 5 When to Consider a Virtual Presentation (and When Not TO)
    6. Chapter 6 Virtual Presentation Tools
    7. Chapter 7 How Businesses are Using Virtual Presentations to Increase Their Success
    8. Chapter 8 Challenges in Conducting Virtual Presentations
    9. Chapter 9 Minimizing the Challenges in Conducting Virtual Presentations
    10. Chapter 10 What You Need to Do to Deliver Virtual Presentations that Move People
  9. Part II Making Effective Virtual Presentations
    1. Chapter 11 Preparation and Administration: One Month Before the Presentation
    2. Chapter 12 Preparation and Administration: One Week Before the Presentation
    3. Chapter 13 Preparation and Administration: One Day Before the Presentation
    4. Chapter 14 Preparation and Administration: The Day Of the Presentation
    5. Chapter 15 Preparation and Administration: During the Presentation
    6. Chapter 16 Gaining Attention and Establishing Relevance
    7. Chapter 17 Introducing Yourself and Others
    8. Chapter 18 Identifying Objectives and Setting Expectations
    9. Chapter 19 Presenting Information
    10. Chapter 20 Conducting Demonstrations
    12. Chapter 22 Initiating and Managing Discussions
    13. Chapter 23 Promoting Interaction
    14. Chapter 24 Utilizing Assessments and Evaluations
    15. Chapter 25 Strategies for Creating Excitement and Motivation
    16. Chapter 26 Facilitating Virtual Presentations for Teams
    17. Chapter 27 Ending With a Bang
  10. PART III Troubleshooting Virtual Presentations
    1. Chapter 28 Handling Technical Problems
    2. Chapter 29 Overcoming Silence and Resistance
    3. Chapter 30 Controlling Your Audience
  11. Part IV Converting an Existing Presentation to a Virtual Presentation
    1. Chapter 31 Converting an Existing Presentation to a Virtual Presentation
  12. Part V Virtual Presentation Case Study Exercise
    1. Chapter 32 Putting it all Together
    2. Chapter 33 Take Action
  13. Appendix A: Making Effective Virtual Presentations Job Aid
  14. Appendix B: Virtual Presentation Preparation Form
  15. Appendix C: Sample Invitation
  16. Appendix D: Listing of Common Emoticons
  17. Appendix E: Virtual Presentation Snapshot
  18. Appendix F: Introduction and Summary Scripts
  19. Appendix G: Virtual Icebreakers and Other Games
  20. Bibliography
  21. Additional Resources
  22. Index
  23. About the Author