23Getting Past Telephone Prospecting Objections

The sad truth is many salespeople, start their sales day with the intention of getting on the phone and engaging new prospects. Instead, they waste prime prospecting time piddling around, avoiding the inevitable.

Finally, as they reluctantly dial the first number their palms sweat and heart pounds while they secretly pray that no one will answer.

“Hello, how can I help you?” The voice on the other line sounds cold.

Nervous, the salesperson stumbles over their call script and then BAM! They get hit with “Look, we're happy with our current vendor!”

Their mind goes blank and a wave of embarrassment rolls over them as their weak attempt to overcome the objection is rebuffed and the prospect hangs up. And with this, their motivation for telephone prospecting evaporates.

To avoid making any more calls, they “research,” fiddle around on LinkedIn, dig through the CRM, and check email—anything but dial another number. Then justify their lack of activity to the boss with being overwhelmed with admin work or being “so much better in person.”

Of all sales objections, prospecting objections are the most severe. They're often harsh and cold, and at times, flat-out rejection. This is why so many salespeople treat telephone prospecting like the plague and allow avoiding it to damage both their careers and chances for income advancement.

There is a simple reason why telephone prospecting is so emotionally difficult and why it generates such harsh ...

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