Remote work options are driving workplace transformation, and what’s known about the office, teamwork, and management will never be the same. In fact, over the next few years, some sources estimate that more than a billion people will work virtually.

New technologies are released everyday to keep people connected across cities, countries, and oceans. Collaborative software, videoconferencing, and online project management are designed to help remote teams of people work effectively together. But not just technology is fueling this trend — rising operational costs, growing commercial real estate expenses, and increasing globalization are other contributors, as well as the promise of higher productivity. Plus, as most hiring managers would probably tell you, the competition for finding and keeping skilled employees is fierce, so extending the geographic reach of your labor force is a huge benefit.

I wrote Virtual Teams For Dummies to help you discover everything you need to know about virtual teams and how to make them work. This book represents findings from my own research on virtual teams, my consulting work with virtual teams, and my experiences leading a virtual team for close to ten years. As a result, this book is chockfull with extensive tips, tools, frameworks, lessons learned, models, and checklists to help make your venture into the virtual team world successful.

Companies around the globe are launching headfirst into establishing virtual teams with ...

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