Chapter 8

Making Work Culture Considerations


check Understanding why culture matters so much

check Recognizing your culture

check Deciding on the kind of culture you want

check Nurturing the desired culture

check Embracing a cross-cultural team

The topic of culture is near and dear to my heart. It’s what has allowed me to have a thriving consulting practice for close to 20 years, and healthy work cultures create healthy communities, families, and ultimately a healthier world. What I know for sure is that every leader at every level must be intentional about developing and nurturing the culture she desires.

When you work for a company that has a healthy culture as opposed to a dysfunctional culture, the results outside of the workplace are tremendous. They include more connected families, increased volunteerism and sense of community, continuous learning, less stress, more active adults, less disease, stronger relationships, less divorce, and a competitive advantage for your company, just to ...

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