Chapter 16. Ten Virtualization Pitfalls to Avoid

In This Chapter

  • Seize the day

  • Train, train, train

  • Know where to apply virtualization — and where not to

  • Keep the virtualization ball rolling

  • For want of a shoe . . .

  • Keep the guys in suits convinced of the rightness of the virtualization cause

  • United you stand, divided you fall

  • Check — then check again — your software vendor support policies

  • Keep hardware concerns on the front burner

  • Send out the Virtualization Party invites

People often say that the best way to learn something is by making mistakes: You learn many lessons about the right way to do something by doing it wrong! I won't necessarily argue with that perspective, but what if you want to smooth the bumpy path to success? Why not learn from others' mistakes?

In that spirit, here are ten pitfalls to avoid in your virtualization project. I've drawn them from both personal experience and observation of how other organizations have suffered as they moved forward with virtualization.

Don't Wait for All the Kinks to Be Worked Out

Virtualization has plenty of benefits, and many organizations are finding that they're very happy after moving to a virtualized environment. It must be said, however, that virtualization is a relatively new technology. That means that the field is in a great deal of flux because so many exciting things are going on. Sometimes it seems like a new product or service becomes available every day.

Some people embrace a rapidly changing field because they expect it offers ...

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