TO BE HONEST, this was a hard book to write. Taking what is now an intuitive process and putting it into words and illustrations that make sense and give the illusion of a uniform process is difficult at best. At worst, it’s just plain unrealistic. But, all the same, I hope it’s helpful.

None of us sits down in the digital darkroom to follow a formula; we do it to polish the diamond we first saw when we raised the camera to our eye. The process—the workflow, vision-driven or otherwise—is just the way we get there, and very few of us learn this stuff for the love of software, sliders, and hours in a chair blinking at a studio display.

Canon 5D Mark II, 16mm, 1/3 second @ f/6.3, handheld at ISO 1600 Karen Blixen Camp, Kenya, 2010. ...

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