The learning arena of this book

We invite you to use this physical setup for an upcoming meeting, project, or process. Download and print the tools or draw them. Work with the tools and experience how the panorama setup improves your overall content.

Cartoon image of a platform where there are two tables at which people are drawing diagrams. On the walls around it are posters with titles such as “visual language” and “process design”; a person is studying one such poster.


The following people, theories, and schools have served as inspiration for the different parts of the book.

Visualization and visual facilitation

Pioneer David Sibbet has been an important sparring partner since we first began our journey into visual facilitation. We have also found inspiring colleagues in the practice communities of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, VizThink, and EuViz.

Process design, process consultation, and facilitation

Our approach to facilitation comes to a large extent from the Kaospilots, where our way of working with process design, in particular, was inspired by Dee Hock and his theory on the chaordic organization.


Our work on questions was inspired by William Isaacs, Sam Kaner, Juanita Brown, and David Isaacs. We have also benefited from many conversations with Carsten Ohm and many informal master classes with Bliss Browne—two experts in the art of asking powerful questions.

Systems theory

Our systems theory foundation is based on the conceptual framework of Niklas Luhmann, but our understanding of Luhmann's concepts has been greatly assisted along the way ...

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