5. Prepare to scale

Cartoon image of five blocks placed side to side. These blocks are together labeled “the five building blocks,” and are individually labeled the following, from left to right: (1) discover your visual language, (2) design your collaboration process, (3) define key questions, (4) create engaging templates, and (5) prepare to scale. Above the fifth block, cartoon image of human icon can be seen holding a sheet of papers. Also, a line joining the fifth block to a square block  with title “scaling” can be seen. On this square box, different images on sticky notes with a notepad can be seen.


Why playbooks? A playbook is a tool that shows in detail what needs to happen in a process. This is particularly relevant to processes that need to be facilitated by others, and when large and complex processes with many stakeholders and high stakes are involved.

In working with the Process Designer in building block 2, you entered the key data points of:

  • – The situation in which the process will be taking place
  • – Each process step
  • – The process results
  • – The next step of the process.

In your visual playbook you describe and visualize these elements in greater detail. It is these that, together with a detailed schedule, constitute the elements of your visual playbook.

Image of  a poster with a heading “Process Design For: ” can be seen. On the right-hand side are two blanks date and by. Following are the elements being discussed on the poster: background, purpose, principles, goals, next steps, participant experience, result, situation process steps, participant experience, and participants.

A good playbook provides freedom and flexibility, ownership, and space for improvisation.

  • – If you are responsible for designing, facilitating, or running a large-scale conference where a lot is at stake, and there are many roles and responsibilities to fill, the playbook provides a strong foundation to work from.
  • – If you have designed a meeting concept or a change process that will be rolled out to your entire organization, the playbook is a great tool to increase the likelihood ...

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