6. Enable Group Learning

Cartoon image of five blocks placed side to side, along with an image each representative of them drawn above them. These blocks are together labeled “the five building blocks,” and are individually labeled the following, from left to right: (1) discover your visual language, (2) design your collaboration process, (3) define key questions, (4) create engaging templates, and (5) prepare to scale., (6) enable group learning, (7) map your skills, (8) activate your resources, and (9) Do's and Don'ts. Drawn above these are posters with related images with the following text: managing complexity, systems theory foundation, group learning, and the visual learning arena.

Managing complexity

You have now been through five chapters about a method that describes in practical terms how you can become more visual in your work. This chapter offers a theoretical perspective on the five practical chapters. It explains why we, as the principals of Bigger Picture in Denmark, do what we do and can guide you toward a more visual way of working, regardless of whether you do it on a large or small scale. We call our approach to working visually system visualization.

When we work visually, alone or together with others, we represent the world as we see it in images and words. We build up material that can be observed and interpreted. When we work with visualization in social processes, we approach this process with special attention to parts, relationships, and the way everything fits together. System visualization is a way of processing complexity so it becomes manageable.

System visualization is based on a set of fundamental systems theory assumptions, a focus on group learning and the idea that places where social processes unfold can be considered visual learning arenas.

Most professional processes we are part of are about understanding and expressing development, challenges, opportunities, or changes. But the world's complexity ...

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