Strategy — Scoping in Visual Solutions to Your Organization

  • Where to Start?
  • Considerations
  • It All Starts at Home
  • On to Content Marketing
  • Validating Your Approach and Your Solutions
  • Sales Tools
  • Getting Everyone Onboard

Where to Start?

Well, now that we have seen the argument for visual solutions in business communication, we turn to getting onboard and planning the visual solution itself. The range of business applications that one can apply visual solutions to'as shown in Part 3'is both intriguing and daunting at the same time. Where to begin? Quite often clients at our information design agency come to us with a particular project or topic or offering that they need help with. But sometimes the initial conversation is more wide-ranging, and the client is curious where one can apply these types of solutions. And the easy answer is everywhere.

But we have to start somewhere and need a plan for scoping them in. Let's look at some considerations.

Figure depicting a typical scoping sketch (consisting of visuals along with words) required to plan a new project.

A typical scoping sketch


Of course, the budget is a consideration. It can help inform how wide and deep one can go. We typically take a client though pricing for varying solutions after we have a sense of the context and need. Given they are still considered by some as “progressive,” “out on the frontier,” “unusual,” or however one may put it, the client may want to take baby steps and show value to the rest of his ...

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