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Thomas FrisendalVisual Design of GraphQL Datahttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3904-9_11

11. Using GraphQL with an Existing Graph Database

Thomas Frisendal1 
Copenhagen S, Denmark

It is of course a relevant question to ask that, since GraphQL is based on graph thinking, how can we use GraphQL on top of a graph database? To answer that, we first look at the use case in which an existing graph database is supported from a GraphQL API. Later we look at a common use case, whereby a GraphQL API will be used with a new graph database.

Since transformations are based on the language of the DBMS, I use the language of the Neo4j1 graph platform (see https://neo4j.com/ ). It is called Cypher, and it is a very powerful, declarative ...

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