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Thomas FrisendalVisual Design of GraphQL Datahttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3904-9_8

8. Getting the Structure Right

Thomas Frisendal1 
Copenhagen S, Denmark

Which Objects and Which Relationships?

The structure of the data model is, of course, built on the object types and the relationships, which we have already discussed.

But more general issues arise from picking the right objects.

We do have some generally applicable tools in our tool belt, as follows:
  • Abstraction, generalization, and specialization (aka aggregation)

  • Classification and typing

  • Lifecycle dependencies and versioning

  • Recognizing hierarchies

There are also some problem areas to be aware of:
  • One-to-one relationships

  • Many-to-many relationships and nested object types ...

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