48. Hand-Drawn Promo Excites Young Brits Who Love to Draw: Giving Away a High-Quality Gift Increases Sales by Luring People into the Store


Hey, do your kids know that they can actually draw without a handheld computer tablet? Cass Art celebrates the art of drawing and encourages kids to have fun with painting and drawing in new activity books designed by Angus Hyland of Pentagram UK, which feature delicate hand-drawn typography by Marion Deuchars.

Why It Works

Cass Art has five stores in London, where they have given away more than 15,000 illustrated children's activity books in a quality carry-around bag that makes the gift truly desirable. “Everyone likes something that's free … and educational,” says Mark Cass. The promotion builds loyalty and has boosted sales for a new line of children's art supplies.

The Young British Artist label emblazoned on the side of the bag works on two levels. For children, it's a call to be artists, and for their parents, it's a sly reference to a group of visual artists also known as the YBAs, who began exhibiting together in London in the late 1980s. Cass Art believes in the power of art and encourages artistic expression at an early age. “We often hear five-year-olds say, ‘I love this place,’” says Cass. This campaign excited the young artists—and their parents—leading to increased sales as it strengthened customer loyalty.

Success Metrics

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