Chapter 14. Digital Capture: Extending Your Meeting with Visual Documentation

Imagine being finished with the meeting you planned. It was most likely just one part of a larger team process or project where follow-through will be essential to getting results. In this time of digital photography and electronic mail, many people expect to see reproductions the next day so they can follow through immediately on whatever things were decided.

Creating a Work Flow

Working visually invites taking your imagery and special charts and evolving them into ever more useful arrangements and presentations. You need to learn to manage versions of plans and get more input. If you are at teacher you want to reinforce the lessons and special presentations. In a sales situation you want to demonstrate your attention to your clients by timely follow-up. If you are a consultant you want to add value to whatever was created in the meeting. Rapidly reproducing the large displays and moving them into other media facilitates these results. People need to remember what they have committed to do, and when. Scan the checklist here on the value of follow-through to remind yourself of why this is so important.

Investing in a Good Camera

Digital photography is well established as a way to bring almost any visual imagery into a form that can be used and processed on computers and sent through e-mail. It has put flexibility into the hands of anyone doing visual meetings if you take a little time to learn the basics. ...

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