Chapter 17. Decision Tree

Does this sound like a familiar call to you?

Pleasant operator voice: Thanks for calling the phone company. Press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish, press 3 for French.

<You press 1.>

Operator voice: For automated information about your account, press 1. For billing information, press 2. For technical assistance, press 3. To change your account settings, press 4. To order new service, press 5.

<You press 1.>

Operator voice: For balance due, press 1. To make a payment, press 2. For the billing address, press 3. For a history of your last payment, press 4. To go back to the prior menu, press 5.

<You press 1.>

Operator voice: Please enter your account number followed by the pound sign.

<You enter a series of digits you think is ...

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