Visual QuickStart Guide: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Book description

In this clear and straightforward guide, digital video veteran Jan Ozer gives beginning and intermediate video editors just what they need to know on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Tasked-based, step-by-step instructions and loads of visuals and time-saving tips help professionals and newcomers alike quickly find and learn tasks specific to their needs, benefiting from the award-winning Visual QuickStart style. Topics covered include essential editing tasks and media-management strategies, transitions, effects and filters, rendering options, and optimal editing and production strategies for streaming delivery of HD source content. It includes coverage of all the new features in Premiere Pro CC, such as working with closed captions, enhanced multicam workflows, and significantly improved audio effects.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contributing Author
  5. Table of Contents
  6. 1. Welcome to Adobe Premiere Pro
    1. Touring the Interface
    2. The Premiere Pro Workflow
    3. Choosing Your Workspace
    4. About Your Workspace
    5. Customizing Your Workspace
    6. Setting Preferences
    7. Working with Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. 2. Setting Up Projects
    1. Working with Projects
    2. Working with Missing and Offline Files
  8. 3. Importing Media
    1. Import Options
    2. Ingesting File-based Content in the Media Browser
    3. Importing from Tape-based Devices: Hardware
    4. Importing from Tape-based Devices: Software
    5. Using Playback Controls in the Capture Panel
    6. Working with Adobe Photoshop Files
    7. Importing Files from Your Hard Disk
    8. Importing Content from Premiere Pro Projects
    9. Generating Media with Adobe Premiere Pro
    10. Working with Dynamic Link
  9. 4. Organizing and Viewing Clips
    1. Working in the Project Panel
    2. Project Panel Basics
    3. Clip Management in the Project Panel
    4. Finding Clips in the Project Panel
    5. Organizing Your Content with Bins
    6. Working with Bin-Related Preferences
    7. Working in List View
    8. Working in Icon View
    9. Viewing Clips in the Source Monitor
    10. Controlling Playback in the Source Monitor
    11. Configuring the Source Monitor
    12. Working with Clips in the Source Monitor
    13. Working with Subclips
    14. Choosing Display Modes
    15. Working with Metadata
    16. Working with Sequences
    17. Storyboard Editing in the Project Panel
  10. 5. Working with the Timeline
    1. Customizing the Timeline
    2. Adding and Deleting Tracks
    3. Choosing the Timecode Display Format
    4. Navigating in the Timeline
    5. Monitoring Audio and Video
    6. Sync Lock and Track Lock
    7. Getting Clips to the Timeline
    8. Insert and Overwrite Edits
    9. Three- and Four-Point Edits
    10. Playing Clips in the Program Monitor
  11. 6. Editing in the Timeline
    1. Selecting Clips on the Timeline
    2. Grouping and Ungrouping Clips
    3. Working with Snapping
    4. Dragging Clips in the Timeline
    5. Moving Clips via Keyboard Controls and the Keypad
    6. Moving Clips from Track to Track
    7. Working with Track Targeting
    8. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste Insert
    9. Deleting Clips on the Timeline
    10. Finding and Deleting Gaps in the Timeline
    11. Performing Lift and Extract Edits
    12. Replacing a Clip on the Timeline
    13. Splitting Clips
    14. Linking and Unlinking Clips
    15. Adding Markers on the Timeline
  12. 7. Advanced Timeline Techniques
    1. About the Trimming Modes
    2. Editing in the Program Monitor
    3. Trimming with Keyboard Controls
    4. Producing Split Edits
    5. Changing Clip Speed
    6. Working with Nested Clips
    7. Finding Stuff
  13. 8. Adding Motion to Clips
    1. Working with Premiere Pro’s Motion Controls
    2. Adjusting Effects in the Timeline
    3. Working with Keyframes
    4. Working with Keyframes in the Effect Controls Panel
    5. Customizing Keyframes
    6. Time Remapping via Keyframes
  14. 9. Working with Video Effects
    1. About Premiere Pro Effects
    2. The Effects Workflow
    3. Animate an Effect with Keyframes
    4. Applying Effects to Multiple Clips
    5. Keying and Greenscreen Basics
    6. Applying and Configuring the Ultra Key Effect
    7. Cleaning Up Edges with Garbage Mattes
  15. 10. Working with Transitions
    1. About Transitions
    2. Working with Transitions
    3. Customizing Transitions
    4. Fading In from and Out to Black
    5. Audio Transitions
    6. Adding the Default Transitions to Multiple Clips
  16. 11. Color and Brightness Correction
    1. Working in Color Correction Mode
    2. Using the Waveform Monitor
    3. Color-Correcting Your Video
    4. Applying Lumetri Effects with Adjustment Layers
  17. 12. Multi-Camera Editing
    1. Syncing Clips from Multiple Cameras
    2. Identifying Sync Points Using a Multi-Camera Source Sequence
    3. Accessing the Multi-Camera Source Sequence in the Timeline
    4. The Nested Sequence Method
    5. Producing Multi-Camera Edits
    6. A Few Additional Audio Notes
  18. 13. Working with Titles
    1. About Titles
    2. Working with the Titler
    3. Working with Premiere Pro’s Title Templates
    4. Working with Text
    5. Setting Text and Shape Properties
    6. Working with Styles
    7. Creating Shapes
    8. Arranging Shapes and Text
    9. Centering, Aligning, and Distributing Objects
    10. Working with Logos
    11. Creating Rolls and Crawls
  19. 14. Working with Audio
    1. Adjusting Volume in the Effect Controls Panel
    2. Adjusting Volume on the Timeline
    3. Working with Gain
    4. Sending Audio to Adobe Audition
    5. Entering the Audio Workspace
    6. Working with Audio Effects
  20. 15. Publishing Your Video
    1. Exporting Still Images
    2. Exporting Media from Premiere Pro
    3. About Adobe Media Encoder
    4. Watch Folders
    5. Workflows
  21. Index
  22. Bonus 1. Working with Closed Captions
    1. Overview
    2. Importing and Displaying Existing Caption Files
    3. Working with Embedded Captions
    4. Editing Caption Files
    5. Creating Caption Files
    6. Exporting Files with Closed Captions

Product information

  • Title: Visual QuickStart Guide: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133435085