Visual Social Marketing For Dummies

Book description

How to implement a best-in-class visual marketing plan

It's no secret that visual content online really draws in viewers. People love Pinterest, Facebook, and the like for visual sharing and engaging. Smart marketers know their companies need to tap into this, but where and how to start? Visual Social Marketing For Dummies offers a clear roadmap for creating effective, well-defined visual social marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing and social media plans. From defining goals to developing highly visual content across a range of social media platforms, this book is the perfect step-by-step guide to get you there.

The book explores Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, SlideShare, and Twitter, among many topics and resources, and includes useful examples from leading brands and companies across a variety of industries.

  • Helps you set goals that align with your budget and resources and then lay out a visual social marketing plan

  • Covers image-based platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine, as well as social media platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, and SlideShare

  • Explores visual tools, including infographics, presentations, and video

  • Explains how to track and measure the effectiveness of your visual marketing efforts

Make your brand stand out from the crowd with the information, tips, techniques, and examples you'll find in Visual Social Marketing For Dummies.

Table of contents

    1. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. Icons Used in This Book
      4. Beyond the Book
      5. Where to Go from Here
      6. Contact Us!
    2. Part I: Getting Started with Visual Social Marketing
      1. Chapter 1: Marketing in the Age of Visual Content
        1. Defining Visual Social Marketing
        2. Appreciating the Marketing Potential of Visual Social Marketing
          1. Building deeper connections
          2. Increasing the believability of your marketing
          3. Communicating more quickly
          4. Evaluating how viewers process visual elements
          5. Digging in to see how visual elements attract results on social networks
          6. Recognizing the challenges facing social media marketers
          7. Overcoming the clutter
        3. Examining the Key Applications of Visual Social Marketing
          1. Applying images on social networks
          2. Applying images on visual social networks
          3. Applying visual elements on websites
        4. Determining the Copyright Status of Visual Elements
          1. Images and videos: Embedding versus uploading
          2. Avoiding legal issues when taking your own photos and videos
      2. Chapter 2: Generating Website Traffic from Visual Social Marketing
        1. Examining How Websites Are Shared Across a Few Popular Social Networks
          1. Optimizing your website to generate traffic from Pinterest
          2. Examining how search engines display images and videos
        2. Preparing a Website to Generate Traffic from Visual Social Marketing
          1. Assessing the pages on your site that may be shared
          2. Generating images for website pages
      3. Chapter 3: Developing a Visual Social Marketing Plan
        1. Researching Your Category or Industry
        2. Defining Your Marketing Goals
          1. Link to broader marketing goals
          2. Build brand awareness
          3. Attract website traffic
          4. Grow sales
          5. Engage customers
        3. Knowing Your Customers
        4. Developing Your Visual Content Plan
          1. Evaluating the quality of the content you create
          2. Recognizing resources and constraints
          3. Choosing between do-it-yourself and hiring a professional
          4. Selecting the right image-oriented social networks
        5. Assessing Your Visual Inventory
        6. Creating and Sharing Visual Assets
        7. Tracking, Measuring, and Adjusting Your Strategy
          1. Assessing your results on the fly
          2. Building in testing
    3. Part II: Putting Together a Visual Social Media Strategy
      1. Chapter 4: Acquiring and Organizing Visual Assets
        1. Searching Your Resources for Visual Assets
          1. Taking inventory of existing visual elements
          2. Shooting photos and videos
          3. Employees
          4. Customers
          5. Hiring professionals
          6. Exploring free, licensed image sites
          7. Paying via a licensed image site
        2. Building a Visual Library
        3. Turning Content into Visual Assets
      2. Chapter 5: Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Creating Visual Assets
        1. Taking Outstanding Photos
        2. Selecting Photo Editing Tools
          1. Free photo editing tools
          2. Paid editing tools
          3. Mobile editing tools
        3. Benefiting from Free and Simple Ways to Create Images
          1. Presentation software
          2. Smartphone or tablet
          3. Writing or drawing on paper or boards
          4. Image sharing sites
        4. Creating Videos
          1. Free video editing tools
          2. Paid video editing applications
    4. Part III: Integrating Images into Your Social Media Marketing
      1. Chapter 6: Driving Engagement on Facebook with Images
        1. Images Required on Facebook Pages
          1. Optimizing profile photos
          2. Optimizing cover photos
        2. Images in Posts
          1. Editing Facebook post images
          2. Optimizing Facebook post images
        3. Images Generated from Links
        4. Choosing the Image to Accompany a Link
        5. Videos on Facebook
          1. Uploading videos to Facebook
          2. Sharing YouTube videos on Facebook
      2. Chapter 7: Generating Interest with Visual Content on Twitter
        1. The Images Required for Your Twitter Account
          1. Optimized profile photos
          2. Changing header and background images and the color scheme
          3. Header image
          4. Background image and color scheme
        2. Visual Content in Status Updates
          1. Photos in status updates
          2. Videos in status updates
          3. Visual status updates
      3. Chapter 8: Improving Your Blog with Visual Content
        1. Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Visual Content
          1. Implementing best practices for adding images to your blog
          2. Planning a strategy for posting images on your blog
        2. Telling Your Story with Images
          1. Uploading images to your blog
          2. Linking to an image in your blog post
        3. Engaging Readers with Videos on Your Blog
          1. Uploading videos to your blog
          2. Embedding a video on your blog
      4. Chapter 9: Drawing Attention to LinkedIn with Images
        1. Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile with Visual Content
          1. Adding or changing your profile image
          2. Optimizing your profile photo
          3. Adding images to the body of your profile
          4. Including images in status updates
        2. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page with Visual Content
          1. Harnessing photos on your LinkedIn company page
          2. Including images in LinkedIn products and services descriptions
    5. Part IV: Marketing via the Visual Social Networks
      1. Chapter 10: Growing Your Business with Pinterest
        1. How Businesses Are Using Pinterest
        2. Exploring Pinterest
          1. Understanding your profile settings
          2. Knowing key profile statistics
        3. Making Pinterest Boards That Get Results
          1. Creating boards
          2. Creating group boards
          3. Optimizing Pinterest boards
          4. Choosing the cover Pin of a Pinterest board
        4. Pinning Images on Pinterest
          1. Uploading a pin
          2. Pinning a website (on Pinterest)
          3. Using the Pin It button on a website
          4. Installing the Pin It browser plug-in
          5. Repinning other pins
          6. Uploading versus pinning from a website
          7. Optimizing pins
          8. Promoted pins
        5. Building Community on Pinterest
          1. Exploring Pinterest content
          2. Interacting with Pinterest pins, boards, and pinners
        6. Driving Website Traffic With Pinterest
          1. Finding content pinned from websites
          2. Making your website Pinterest-friendly
          3. Pinterest website analytics
      2. Chapter 11: Instagramming Your Way to Success in Visual Marketing
        1. Exploring Instagram
          1. Benefitting from using Instagram
          2. Evaluating how businesses use Instagram
          3. Navigating Instagram
          4. Breaking down your profile on Instagram
        2. Taking and Editing Photos and Videos with Instagram
          1. Editing your Instagram photos
          2. Capturing Instagram videos
        3. Sharing Instagram Photos and Videos
          1. Optimizing the caption on your post
          2. Maximizing your exposure with hashtags
        4. Building an Audience on Instagram
          1. Finding relevant Instagram users
          2. Interacting with users on Instagram
          3. Creating great-looking content for Instagram
        5. Viewing Instagram Photos on a Computer
          3. Instagram photos on a computer
      3. Chapter 12: Sharing Presentations on SlideShare
        1. Recognizing the Benefits of Using SlideShare
        2. Getting Started with SlideShare
          1. Creating a SlideShare account
          2. Uploading a presentation to SlideShare
        3. Exploring Advanced Upload Options
          1. Uploading audio
          2. Adding YouTube videos
        4. Optimizing SlideShare Presentations
        5. Building an Audience on SlideShare
          1. Following other users
          2. Interacting with other users
        6. Sharing SlideShare Presentations
          1. Integrating SlideShare into LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+
          2. Embedding presentations into your blog or website
      4. Chapter 13: Using Infographics to Share Your Story
        1. Introducing Infographics
        2. Recognizing the Value of Infographics
          1. Driving traffic
          2. Generating links
          3. Content for social networks
          4. Exposure
          5. Sales
        3. Options for Designing an Infographic
          1. Creating it yourself
          2. Hiring a designer
          3. Hiring an infographics company
        4. Creating an Infographic
          1. Brainstorming and defining the topic
          2. Researching and finding data points
          3. Building the story
          4. Designing the infographic
          5. Promoting your infographic
    6. Part V: Launching into Video Social Media Marketing
      1. Chapter 14: The Big Picture: Marketing with Videos
        1. Understanding the Importance of Video
          1. Enhancing your website with videos
          2. Building your brand on video sharing sites
          3. Sharing videos on other social networks
          4. Harnessing user-generated videos
        2. Building a Video Plan
          1. Creating videos
          2. Following video best practices
          3. Finding video inspiration
        3. Getting Realistic about Your Video Marketing Strategy
          1. Recognizing the reality of viral videos
          2. Promoting your videos
      2. Chapter 15: Video Marketing on YouTube
        1. Growing Your Business with YouTube
        2. Getting Started on YouTube
          1. Navigating YouTube
          2. Setting the upload default settings
          3. Optimizing your InVideo programming
          4. Editing the advanced settings
          5. Updating other fields on your channel
        3. Uploading Videos for YouTube
          1. Optimizing your videos
          2. Completing the basic information about your video
          3. Making the most of advanced settings for videos
          4. Editing videos after uploading
        4. Getting More from YouTube
          1. Connecting with the YouTube community
          2. Sharing YouTube videos
      3. Chapter 16: Creating and Sharing Videos via Vine
        1. Marketing Your Business with Vine
        2. Exploring Vine
          1. Vine Feed
          2. Activity
          3. Explore
          4. Profile
          5. Search
          6. Capture Video
          7. More
        3. Creating a Vine Video
          1. Additional camera features
          2. Vine video best practices and tips
        4. Sharing Vine Videos
          1. Add a caption
          2. Add Location
          3. Add to a channel
          4. Post to Vine
          5. Post to Twitter and Facebook
          6. Add people
          7. Add tags
          8. Share vines online
        5. Building Community on Vine
          1. Finding and following users
          2. Interacting with Vine videos
    7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 17: Ten Types of Images to Create
        1. Statistics
        2. Inspirational Quotes
        3. Real-Life Images
        4. Infographics
        5. Stock Photos with Text
        6. Customer Testimonials
        7. Cartoons
        8. Collages
        9. Product Images
        10. How-to Pictures
      2. Chapter 18: Ten Types of Videos to Create
        1. Finding Videos for Inspiration
        2. Explainer
        3. How-To
        4. Behind the Scenes
        5. Interview
        6. Product Demo
        7. Customer Testimonial
        8. Educational
        9. Promotional
    8. About the Author
    9. Cheat Sheet
    10. More Dummies Products

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  • Title: Visual Social Marketing For Dummies
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2014
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118753484