Chapter VII.3. Using Visual Studio with Vista and Office 2007

The "next generation" of Microsoft operating systems and productivity software was a long time coming. The latest offerings from Microsoft is a whole slew of software that includes

  • Windows Vista — The newest desktop operating system (OS) from Microsoft

  • Windows Server 2008 — A next-generation server platform

  • Office 2007 — The latest release of Office products

This chapter hits some of the highlights of this latest software and gives you some hints for how you can get started developing applications that target Vista and Office 2007. Finally, read on to discover how you can use Virtual PC 2007 to cut down on the number of physical servers you need (and the headaches they bring) to run all this software.

Exploring Vista

Windows Vista has several editions. As you might expect, the lower-end editions offer fewer features than higher-end editions; each higher edition is a superset of the lower-end features. The Vista editions are

  • Home Basic

  • Home Premium

  • Business

  • Enterprise

  • Ultimate

A simple of list of features can't do justice to Vista. You need to experience Vista in order to get your mind around what it can do. It's completely different than Windows XP or Windows 2000.

The most visible change that Vista offers is its Windows Aero interface, which creates an immersive user experience, similar to what you experience while playing a video game. This change means a learning curve for those migrating to Vista in regard to its interface. Businesses ...

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