Combine the Visual Studio Command Prompt and the Command Window #98
Chapter 13, Enhancing Visual Studio
Even on a large source file, Auto-Collapse takes only a few seconds to
traverse from start to end. This is a great feature to use on source code that
you are not familiar with; it allows you to remove the maximum amount of
code from view while still being able to peek inside blocks, all helping you to
grasp the purpose of the code you are examining.
—Chris Nurse
Combine the Visual Studio Command Prompt
and the Command Window Hack #98
The Command Prompt and Command Window are addictive individually.
Combine these two and you may never reach for the mouse again.
The VSCMDShell power toy can be used to combine two of the more valu-
able parts of Visual Studio, the Visual Studio Command Prompt
[Hack #77] and
the Command Window
[Hack #46]. Since these tools are similar, someone at
Microsoft had the great idea to write a window that combines the function-
ality of both of these tools in one place. Just having the Visual Studio Com-
mand Prompt inside the IDE is valuable—when you add the fact that you
can execute Visual Studio commands, it becomes invaluable.
The first step is to download and install the VSCMDShell power toy from
Once you have downloaded and installed the power toy, you will find a new
menu item on the Tools menu called VSCMDShell Window that will launch
the window shown in Figure 13-19.
As you can see, the window looks just like the Visual Studio Command
Prompt, because it is. You can do anything you can do in the normal Visual
Studio Command Prompt in this window. You can run any of the utilities
discussed throughout this book or even just use it as a normal command
Figure 13-18. If, Select, and Try blocks collapsed

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