TABLE 1-1: VSTO Features That Are Enabled for Each Office Application 6

TABLE 1-2: Key Office Object Model Objects 9

TABLE 1-3: Selected Properties, Methods, and Events from Word’s Application Object 14

TABLE 1-4: Events Raised by Excel’s Application Object 29

TABLE 1-5: Common Office PIAs 42

TABLE 1-6: Interfaces, Delegates, and Events Associated with the Application Object in Excel 46

TABLE 2-1: A Simple Table Showing the Properties and Methods of Word’s Add-In Object 60

TABLE 4-1: Additional Excel Events 158

TABLE 4-2: Events That Are Added in VSTO 160

TABLE 5-1: Properties That Control Elements of the Excel User Interface 169

TABLE 5-2: Application Properties That Return Active or Selected Objects 171

TABLE 5-3: Codes Used by SendKeys ...

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