Visualizing Financial Data

Book description

A fresh take on financial data visualization for greater accuracy and understanding

Your data provides a snapshot of the state of your business and is key to the success of your conversations, decisions, and communications. But all of that communication is lost — or incorrectly interpreted — without proper data visualizations that provide context and accurate representation of the numbers. In Visualizing Financial Data, authors Julie Rodriguez and Piotr Kaczmarek draw upon their understanding of information design and visual communication to show you how to turn your raw data into meaningful information. Coverage includes current conventions paired with innovative visualizations that cater to the unique requirements across financial domains, including investment management, financial accounting, regulatory reporting, sales, and marketing communications.

Presented as a series of case studies, this highly visual guide presents problems and solutions in the context of real-world scenarios. With over 250 visualizations, you’ll have access to relevant examples that serve as a starting point to your implementations.

• Expand the boundaries of data visualization conventions and learn new approaches to traditional charts and   graphs

• Optimize data communications that cater to you and your audience

• Provide clarity to maximize understanding

• Solve data presentation problems using efficient visualization techniques

• Use the provided companion website to follow along with examples

The companion website gives you the illustration files and the source data sets, and points you to the types of resources you need to get started. 

Table of contents

  1. Part 1: Information Gains Through Data Visualizations
    1. Chapter 1: Paving a Path Toward Visual Communications
      1. Information Delivery Needs
      2. Industry Demands
      3. Enabling Factors
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: Benefits of Using Visual Methods
      1. The Purpose of Charts
      2. How to Leverage Charts
      3. Summary
  2. Part 2: Transforming Data for Active Investment Decisions
    1. Chapter 3: Security Assessment
      1. Tile Framework
      2. Stocks
      3. Bonds
      4. Mutual Funds
      5. ETFs
      6. Tile Collection
      7. Summary
    2. Chapter 4: Portfolio Construction
      1. Asset Allocation
      2. Sector Analysis
      3. Risk Management
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 5: Trading
      1. Ticker
      2. Quote
      3. Watchlist
      4. Visual System: Ticker, Quote, and Watchlist
      5. Summary
    4. Chapter 6: Performance Measurement
      1. Market Performance
      2. Investment Firm Composite
      3. Portfolio Gain/Loss
      4. Attribution
      5. Summary
  3. Part 3: Showcasing Data for Effective Communications
    1. Chapter 7: Financial Statements
      1. Statement of Cash Flows
      2. Statement of Financial Activity
      3. Operating Budget
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 8: Pension Funds
      1. Plan Members
      2. Contributions versus Benefits
      3. Funding Ratio
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 9: Mutual Funds
      1. Core Components
      2. Fund Fact Sheets
      3. Mutual Fund Comparison
      4. Summary
    4. Chapter 10: Hedge Funds
      1. Long/Short Positions
      2. Long Positions and Benchmarking
      3. Fund Characteristics
      4. Strategy Rank
      5. Strategy Analysis
      6. Summary
  4. Part 4: Next Steps
    1. Chapter 11: Data Visualization Principles
      1. Cater to Your Audience
      2. Provide Clarity
      3. Be Efficient
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 12: Implementing the Visuals
      1. Business Value Assessment
      2. Implementation Effort
      3. Available Methods
      4. Solution Score
      5. Summary
  5. Titlepage
  6. Copyright
  7. Dedication
  8. About the Authors
  9. About the Technical Editors
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. End-User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Visualizing Financial Data
  • Author(s): Julie Rodriguez, Piotr Kaczmarek
  • Release date: May 2016
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118907856