Digital signal processing (DSP) is used in numerous applications such as video compression, digital set-top box, cable modems, digital versatile disk, portable video systems/computers, digital audio, multimedia and wireless communications, digital radio, digital still and network cameras, speech processing, transmission systems, radar imaging, acoustic beamformers, global positioning systems, and biomedical signal processing. The field of DSP has always been driven by the advances in DSP applications and in scaled very-large-scale-integrated (VLSI) technologies. Therefore, at any given time, DSP applications impose several challenges on the implementations of the DSP systems. These implementations must satisfy the enforced sampling rate constraints of the real-time DSP applications and must require less space and power consumption.

This book addresses the methodologies needed to design custom or semi-custom VLSI circuits for these applications. Many of the techniques presented in the book are also applicable for faster implementations using off-the-shelf programmable digital signal processors. This book is intended to be used as a textbook for first-year graduate or senior courses on VLSI DSP architectures, or DSP structures for VLSI or High-Performance VLSI system design. This book is also an excellent reference for those involved in algorithm or architecture or circuit design for DSP applications.

This book brings together the distinct fields of computer architecture ...

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