Assessment Test

  1. Which component is a requirement for deploying vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode when using a combination of vCenter Server for Windows and vCenter Server Appliances?
    1. External PSC
    2. Embedded PSC
    3. Load Balancers
    4. vCenter High Availability
  2. Which method should a virtual machine running a current version of Windows use to take advantage of PMem?
    1. vPMemDisk
    2. vPMem
    3. NVDIMM
    4. RDMA
  3. What vSAN queue is responsible for managing witness traffic?
    1. VM I/O Queue
    2. Namespace Queue
    3. Resync I/O Queue
    4. Metadata Queue
  4. An organization has an encrypted virtual machine whose Encrypted vSphere vMotion setting is set to Required. If encryption is later disabled for the VM, what happens to the Encrypted vSphere vMotion setting?
    1. It is set to Disabled.
    2. It reverts ...

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