VMware Horizon Suite: Building End-User Services

Book description

VMware® Horizon Suite

The authoritative guide to delivering end-user services with VMwarE  View and VMware Horizon Suite

Today, IT professionals must manage stateless, mobile, streamed workspaces delivered across devices ranging from traditional PCs to tablets and smartphones. Using VMware View and VMware Horizon Suite, they can do so–providing flexible end-user services that support any business requirement cost effectively.

Now there’s a complete guide to planning, configuring, implementing, and integrating VMware Horizon Suite technologies and using them to deliver high-value end-user services in enterprise, managed, and cloud provider environments.

This book’s deep up-to-date technical content addresses considerations ranging from architecture, deployment, and operations to user experience and support. It offers detailed guidance on integration with VMware View and key third-party technologies. Throughout, it fully reflects the newest VMware View releases, including VMware Horizon Mirage.

Relevant, clear, and usable, VMware Horizon Suite contains step-by-step configuration examples, sample scenarios helping you choose the right technologies for your users’ needs, and a complete end-user computing design checklist.

Coverage includes

•    Understanding the new end-user service model and how VMware View and VMware Horizon address it

•    Mastering VMware View 6 and VMware Workspace 1.8 architectures

•    Leveraging proven installation and implementation techniques

•    Efficiently operating Connection, Security, and Transfer servers

•    Managing agents, clients, portals, composers, and personas

•    Integrating VMware View and Workspace

•    Implementing operational best practices, such as desktop pools, user data management, and SaaS

•    Using VMware Mirage to manage desktop images more intelligently and provide a wider spectrum of end-user services

•    Delivering multimedia within a View desktop environment              

•    Integrating Microsoft Lync with VMware View

•    Monitoring VMware View and optimizing its performance

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. Motivation for Writing This Book
    2. Who Should Read This Book
    3. How to Use This Book
    4. Bonus e-Chapter
  7. About the Authors
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Technical Reviewers
  10. We Want to Hear from You!
  11. Reader Services
  12. Chapter 1. The New End-User Model
    1. The Evolution of the End User
    2. An Introduction to VMware View, Mirage, and Workspace
    3. Summary
  13. Chapter 2. VMware View Architecture
    1. Introduction
    2. Approaching the Design and Architecture
    3. VMware View Server Architecture
    4. Summary
  14. Chapter 3. VMware Workspace Architecture
    1. Introduction
    2. Approaching the Design and Architecture
    3. Summary
  15. Chapter 4. VMware View Implementation
    1. VMware View Deployment and Design Considerations
    2. Installing VMware View
    3. Configuring the View Connection Server
    4. Installing the View Agent
    5. Summary
  16. Chapter 5. VMware Workspace Implementation
    1. VMware Workspace Deployment and Design Considerations
    2. Workspace Implementation: Initial Setup
    3. Deploying the Workspace vApp
    4. Navigating the Administrative Console
    5. Web Applications: SaaS
    6. Modifying Workspace Data Module Storage
    7. Upgrading a Workspace Environment
    8. Enabling Workspace with NFS
    9. Installing the Workspace Agent on Client Endpoints
    10. Using SSL Certificates in Workspace
    11. Summary
  17. Chapter 6. Integrating VMware View and Workspace
    1. VMware View and Workspace Integration Considerations
    2. VMware Workspace and View Integration
    3. Troubleshooting Certificate Errors
    4. Add a SAML 2.0 Authenticator
    5. Manage Authenticators
    6. Scaling View and Workspace Deployment
    7. Summary
  18. Chapter 7. View Operations and Management
    1. VMware View Operations
    2. Using View Access Groups
    3. Types of Desktop Pools
    4. Creating Desktop Pools
    5. Power Settings
    6. View Composer
    7. Entitlement
    8. Managing Persistent Disks
    9. Backing Up View
    10. Replacing Certificates
    11. Composer and Certificates
    12. Summary
  19. Chapter 8. VMware Workspace Operations
    1. Operation of VMware Workspace
    2. Summary
  20. Chapter 9. VMware Horizon Mirage
    1. VMware Horizon Mirage Deployment and Design Considerations
    2. Mirage Day-to-Day Administration
    3. Summary
  21. Chapter 10. Multimedia
    1. How Do You Deliver a Rich End-User Experience?
    2. vSGA, Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration
    3. Configuring ESXi for sVGA
    4. VMware View with vSGA
    5. vDGA, Virtual Direct Graphics Acceleration
    6. Enhancements in PCoIP
    7. Building a Performance Test Environment
    8. Installing and Configuring WANem
    9. Installing and Configuring Wireshark
    10. Tuning PCoIP
    11. Setting Up VMware ViewPlanner
    12. Setting Up the Client Desktop
    13. Summary
  22. Chapter 11. Integrating Lync and VMware View
    1. Microsoft Lync and VMware View
    2. Microsoft Lync 2013
    3. Creating a Lync Environment
    4. Build and Publish a Lync Topology
    5. Set Up Users and Test Lync
    6. View Desktops
    7. View Clients
    8. Verifying the Plug-In
    9. Summary
  23. Chapter 12. Performance and Monitoring of VMware Horizon
    1. Performance Monitoring Solutions
    2. vApp Overview
    3. Summary
  24. Chapter 13. Application Virtualization
    1. To Install or Not to Install, That Is the Question...
    2. Why Virtualize Applications?
    3. Hosted Applications
    4. Horizon 6 Application Remoting Test and Validation
    5. Summary
  25. Appendix A. A Design Questionnaire Worksheet
  26. Appendix B. VMware View Network Ports
  27. Index

Product information

  • Title: VMware Horizon Suite: Building End-User Services
  • Author(s): Stephane Asselin, Paul O’Doherty
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): VMware Press
  • ISBN: 9780133479119