Using vCenter Orchestrator to automate vCloud

We now look into automation using vCenter Orchestrator (vCO).

Getting ready

You need to download the vCO appliance (version 5.1 or better) from VMware. vCO is part of the normal vSphere software bundle. The appliance is preconfigured with an internal DB and LDAP and makes getting started with vCO easier. If you are already using vCO as a Windows install, that's fine.

After downloading, installing, and configuring vCO, we are ready to go. If you need some help with configuring, refer the See also section of this recipe.

How to do it...

The first connection

First we need to connect the downloaded vCO to our vCloud by performing the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://[vCO URL].
  2. Click on Orchestrator ...

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