Working with catalogs in vCloud 5.5

The catalogs are one of the main features in vCloud 5.5 that have been enhanced. In this recipe, we will work with catalog sharing, publishing, and the subscribing features.

Getting ready

We need an organization where we can publish a catalog, as well as another organization that we can share the catalog with.

You will need vCloud 5.5 for this recipe; however, you do not need vSphere 5.5.

How to do it...

Let's have a look at the catalog improvements.

Configuring sharing, publishing, and subscribing

Perform the following steps for configuring sharing, publishing, and subscribing:

  1. Log in to vCloud as SysAdmin.
  2. Navigate to Manage & Monitor | Organizations.
  3. Right-click on an existing organization and select Properties.
  4. Click ...

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