Cloning a running vApp

Using vCloud 5.5, you are now able to clone running vApps. This comes in very handy for debugging.

Getting ready

You will need a vApp that is running.

You also need to have the vApp you want to clone on a vSphere 5.5 environment, as this function only works with vSphere 5.5.

How to do it...

We have three possibilities where we can clone the vApp to.

Clone to a catalog

Perform the following steps to clone to a catalog:

  1. Navigate to the vApp that is running.
  2. Right-click on the vApp and select Add to Catalog.
  3. Select the catalog and give the vApp template a name. Make sure that the name reflects the state of the vApp.
  4. Select Make identical copy.
  5. Click on OK and wait until the clone has finished.

Deploy a cloned VM from a catalog

Perform the ...

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