Investigating VM provisioning or power-on failures

If a VM fails to provision or power on, the problem is often related to degraded availability in the VSAN cluster or, more frequently, inadequate cluster storage capacity. In this recipe, we will address both of these very common provisioning/power-on failures.

Getting ready

  • You should be logged into vSphere Web Client as an administrator
  • You should be logged into RVC

How to do it…

Out-of-space failures

  1. If the failure is capacity-related, we will see an error message in vSphere Web Client along the lines of the following:

    File [vsanDatastore] 3e192a55-c7ab-efa3-a51a-005056837d9f/linux-vm04.vmdk was not found

    The policy requires 2 replicas with 1 disks each with 42949672960 bytes free each. Only found ...

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