Working with Orchestrator tags

Let's explore the tagging of workflows. Tagging introduces the same kind of tagging you're familiar with from vCenter server. Tagging allows you to add tags to Orchestrator objects and search for them.

Getting ready

We need some elements such as a workflow or action we can tag.

How to do it...

Tagging involves the following procedures.

Tagging an element (manual)

Let's start by tagging a workflow manually.

  1. Open a workflow for editing.
  2. Go to the General tab and click on the [Type here to add a tag...].
  3. Type a tag name such as glbTest and then press Enter.
  4. Next, we are adding a tag with a value. Enter another tag such as author, then press Ctrl + S and then enter the value for the tag, such as Daniel.
  5. Click on Save and close ...

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