NSX integration

In this recipe, we take a look at automating NSX with Orchestrator.

Getting ready

You need NSX installed and connected to your vCenter. There are some good YouTube videos that show the essential setup. For more information, refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CATcY254pP8 .

You will need the latest version of the NSX plugin (as of writing, version 1.0.4) and to install it in your Orchestrator. You can find it here by logging into www.vmware.com and then selecting NSX and then under Drivers & Tools.

To understand NSX, there is a wonderful Hands-on Labs from VMware that you may like to work through: http://www.vmware.com/products/nsx/nsx-hol.html .

How to do it...

This recipe is broken up into two sections: configuring and an example. ...

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